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Cadillac xt5

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Sub Type to configure VIN Year Mileage(KM) Engine Size Power(kw) Transmission
Medium SUV 25T LSGNB83L9JA104247 2018/5/ 59900 2.0T 184 8-gear manual self-assembly
Emission Standard (mm)/Dimension Engine Mode Door Seating Capacity Steering Intake Type Drive
China IV 4610/1810/1735 LSY 5 5 LHD Turbo Front-engine

The carefree uniqueness of xt5 is first expressed in the shape. Compared with European brands, they don't particularly care about the elegance and gentleness, but prefer straight lines and edges. This almost "straight man" design method also makes every Cadillac visually full of power, which is obviously different from European competitors. Xt5 itself does not lack refinement in details. It stands up with "Y" shaped LED headlights, The exquisite carving of the door handle with LED light band and the hidden rear wiper all reflect that the luxury brand surpasses the ordinary complex mind. The internal space is large. For a man of one meter eight, he can easily sit straight with more than one punch on his head. The back row is spacious enough to lift his feet. He feels that he is the president of the United States. He is more comfortable. The power is strong enough. The 270 horsepower is not covered. One foot of the accelerator has an obvious sense of pushing the back. It has great driving fun. The sound insulation is great. Double glass, close the window, turn on the Bose sound, and feel your independent world. The noise outside has nothing to do with you. The braking efficiency is high. In case of an emergency red light, one foot brake directly stops without any grinding. In case of climbing traffic jam in the underground garage with a 60 degree steep slope, there is no pressure at all. I lose by driving the automatic start and stop brake and sliding for one centimeter. The quality has been driven for two years. At present, except for maintenance, the tire has not burst. The appearance is basically no different from that of the new car. The interior materials are good, The leather seats are thick, and all the places you can touch are made of leather, which gives people a high sense, and the internal storage space is large. Loading capacity: the rear seats can be placed flat. I bought up to ten full bags of goods in the supermarket, plus a large number of mops, porcelain and other things that occupy the place. It doesn't affect loading at one time. It's much better than ordinary cars and even SUVs.

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