• The popularity of used electric and hybrid vehicles is continuing to grow

    According to the latest data from the Association of Automobile Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), sales of used electric vehicles in the UK are rising. Although the sales of second-hand cars in the last quarter dropped slightly year-on-year (mainly as a result of the boom when dealers opened thei...
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  • Buy ten gasoline and hybrid cars instead of diesel

    “What I really think of is…Supercars, America, foreigners, car launches, Top Gear, gender and car battles” DIESEL has slowly and steadily risen from its use in tractors, trucks and mainland taxis to the commonly used fuel in British passenger cars, which is insignificant compare...
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  • What are the used car plans and pricing?

    Even if sales continue to rise, some dealers say that the cost of CPO refurbishment above the high price in order to obtain inventory has depressed profit potential. Insufficient inventory and soaring profit per vehicle have prompted dealers to double their investment—or consider participating in...
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  • New car shortages lead to a rebound in certified used car sales

    Demand for used cars has been high this year, and the floods caused by Hurricane Ida this month will only allow more customers to snap up cars on Honda Planet in Union, New Jersey. Faced with increasing demand, Honda is not the only one. At times like this, general manager Bill Feinstein said tha...
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  • Crazy used cars! Soaring prices are adding to global inflationary pressures

      Used car prices in the U.S. have risen 21% over the past year, which was the biggest driver of the April inflationary explosion in the U.S. Outside of the U.S., used car prices are soaring worldwide. Global used car prices are rising rapidly over the past few months. This is also of partic...
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  • A year ago used cars were more expensive than new ones

    Car buyers are becoming more and more impatient with the delays in the delivery of new motors. They pay more for some used models that have been in use for a year than for models ordered directly from the factory. In recent months, there has been an unprecedented surge in use value. This is due t...
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  • Is a used car worth buying and How to buy?

    All know the car gods, more inclined to choose used cars, wow asked the reason, only to understand that used cars have so many benefits ~ High retention rate If a used car is then resold, its “shrinkage” is less, and the value retention rate is high. The actual fact is that you will n...
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  • What do I need to pay attention to when buying a used car?

    As a result of the differences between the North and South and the uneven economic development between cities, and the existence of the used car market, you “renovation of the high people”, so that the used car market is mixed, in the jargon, “the water is very deep”, far ...
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  • China Used Cars For Export.

    China Used Cars For Export.

    With the change in competitive price, the price of new and used cars in China is gradually connecting with the international market, especially the price of used cars is getting cheaper and cheaper. Of course, many cars in the used car...
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  • Would you drive a Chinese car? Thousands of Aussies say yes

    Would you drive a Chinese car? Thousands of Aussies say yes

    Chinese car brands are starting to make up a large chunk of Australian traffic. Will the market survive the countries' rapidly deteriorating relationship? CARS WAITING FOR EXPORT TO THE WORLD MARKET IN JIANGSU, CHINA (IMAGE: TOP PHOTO/...
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  • China to be world’s largest used car exporter

    China to be world’s largest used car exporter

    China has over 300 million registered vehicles and with all focus on next-generation electric and autonomous vehicles, the country will become the largest pre-owned car exporter in the world. With an increasing focus on EVs and autonom...
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