Dongfeng Tianjin

Dongfeng Tianjin

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Brand Model Model Sub Type to configure VIN Year Mileage(KM) Engine Size Power(kw) 变速箱/Transmission
Dongfeng Tianjin Commercial vehicle Refrigerated truck 6X2 9.4 LGAX4C355E3019528 Aug-14 130000 4.0L 180 手动挡/5MT
Fuel Type Color Emission Standard (mm)/Dimension Engine Mode Door Seating Capacity Steering Horsepower(HP) 驱动形式
diesel black China IV 9400/2400/2450 ISDe24540 2 2 LHD 245 6*2

Dongfeng Tianjin adopts a brand-new European style modeling design, with atmosphere, fashion and grade, higher appearance value and lower wind resistance. It is a perfect combination of science and technology, quality and strength.
In terms of interior decoration, Dongfeng Tianlong KL and Dongfeng Tianjin Kr have saloon instruments, scientific and technological sense, central console, good ergonomics, spacious indoor space and household seat sleeper, bringing a warm and comfortable mobile home. In terms of comfort, Dongfeng Tianlong is leading in the industry, and its ride comfort is 28% better than the mainstream of the industry, and the shock absorption effect of the same level is the best; Ultra low indoor noise, close to the car level, 3-4db lower than the mainstream of the industry; Easy control like a car, derived from Volvo technical support, careful chassis adjustment, accurate steering and easy gear shifting; Autonomous automatic transmission technology makes driving easier, safer, more comfortable, more accurate and more fuel-efficient; Large driving space, the height of the car is about 2m, and it can move flexibly; Humanized design, driving entertainment design and human-computer interaction design are fully optimized. In terms of safety, passive safety meets the requirements of the latest version of ECE r29-03 in Europe. The braking distance at the same level is the shortest, 49 tons, and the braking distance at the speed of 60km / h is 15-20% shorter than that of competitive products. Advanced intelligent technology ensures the safety of people, vehicles and goods.

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