China Used Cars For Export.

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With the change in competitive price, the price of new and used cars in China is gradually connecting with the international market, especially the price of used cars is getting cheaper and cheaper. Of course, many cars in the used car market are sold after two years of driving. The quality problem is trustworthy. The quality of Chinese cars is improving, and many developing countries may prefer cheap, used Chinese cars.

It’s not just cars. In the last three decades, the cost performance of Chinese products has been improving, and a large number of various products have begun to pour into the global market, with the overall price falling.

So what are the benefits of used cars in China?

1. First of all, it has a lot of options. Similarly, the budget price of a new car can buy models of different car series and configurations, which has a higher cost-performance ratio and a higher maintenance rate than that of a new car.

2. It is economical and less loss. You can buy a car of the same style for half or even less than a new car.

3. High hedging rate. Consumers can save a lot of money on vehicle purchase tax by buying second-hand cars, and there is no loss in resale.

4. Parts are well matched. Generally used cars are models two years later. The auto service industry for parts, beauty, maintenance, and other parts of the car has been sound and mature, and there are plenty of auto parts. Car owners generally don’t have to rush around to buy auto parts.

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The used car market in China

Because of these advantages, the used car can be economical and make itself a car owner. There is no difference in the use of performance between the used car and the new car, so the second-hand car has gradually become a part of people’s choice. Shortly, the used car market exported by China will be more mature and standardized.

Of course, before exporting all Chinese used cars, we should do the following:

1. Quality control. Vehicle receiving link detection, excluding accident vehicles, meter adjustment vehicles, and illegal vehicles. Vehicle preparation and adaptability rectification; export detection; vehicle information express.

2. Platform construction. Online and offline auction or trading platform; export service platform; accessories supply and maintenance technical support platform.

3. Market and law research. Overseas used car market; overseas import regulations; overseas importer selection.

4. Risk control. Inventory risk; political and policy risk of importing country; exchange rate and settlement risk.

All exported used cars in China do not need to go out, but also need to build a supporting system of spare parts supply, after-sales service, etc. We should establish a sound export operation system, make good preparations, and export business on a down-to-earth basis.

We will establish ten major export business management systems: domestic vehicle collection system, monitoring and evaluation system; servicing system, e-commerce trading platform system; overseas sales system, warehousing, and logistics system; financial service system, auto parts supply system; overseas after-sales system, traceability system.

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China exports used cars

On July 17, 2019, China’s first used car export business set sail at Nansha port, Guangzhou, marking a new milestone for China’s automobile industry, with important historical significance.

Chinese used car export has just started, but like clothing and other products, with the support of policies, China will gradually catch up with the existing used car export countries and eventually become the world’s largest used car export country. With the gradual standardization of the market, there are more policies and direct channels for the used car industry in China. In the future, the used car industry will become the hottest industry.

Post time: Jun-28-2021