What do I need to pay attention to when buying a used car?

As a result of the differences between the North and South and the uneven economic development between cities, and the existence of the used car market, you “renovation of the high people”, so that the used car market is mixed, in the jargon, “the water is very deep”, far from here a few words can be clear, I give you a link, mainly to see the process of buying a used car, and the very important “purchase contract”

1 Buy a used car to find an experienced person to accompany you, preferably someone who has been engaged in car refurbishment. The actual car is a lot more than just a car. For example, before you go to buy a car, you should know roughly what kind of car you want to buy, and then go to a 4S store to see the new car. This will give you a general idea of the comparison between the old and new cars.

2 For vehicle violations, it is always a headache. Even when you buy a car, check the violation, but when the car is examined, maybe when the violation popped up, so you must have the real ID and phone number of the person selling the car, in order to facilitate the later contact.

3 When buying a car to see more, less talk less ask, more listen more think. Sometimes selling a car can be said to leak some problems, thinking must not follow the mouth of the person selling the car, he said his, you look at your. Don’t be fooled.

4 For the car salesman said, must be carefully analyzed, screening which is to cover up the truth of the matter, why to cover up.

The steps to see the car yourself.
1 Look at the car from a distance. If there is a problem with the shape of a certain place, it means that the car has had a traffic accident. You can also look at the side of the body paint to determine whether the original paint. If the exterior of the body is suspected of being repainted, observe the same position inside, whether there are signs of rearrangement or repaired. Without repair or finishing, there is bound to be old and dusty.

2 Open the front hood and look at the engine compartment, although the sale of the car must have been cleaned and repaired, but it is still possible to see which has been moved. For the mouth claims their own car, no “moving” (moving means repair) over the case, to see whether the engine compartment has old mud, and whether there is oil leakage.

3 pretend to look at the car, inadvertently press the front shock parts of the body to see if the two front shock response is consistent.

4 Look at the tires, especially the two front tires, whether the wear is consistent, if so, it means the front beam and front suspension are good.

5 open the door, open the door to pay attention to whether it is smooth, some owners will replace the entire body after a traffic accident, but the door will use the old door, so that there will be a feeling of hand, open the door for a moment, the door will sink.

6 Sit in the car, gently and gently shake the steering wheel, feel whether there is a kind of gap between the left and right turning the steering wheel, and how big this gap is.

7 Start the engine. For amateurs, it is good to hear whether the engine is running smoothly, as to whether there are other faults, it is really difficult to judge, especially with a variety of engine oil additives, covering up the engine noise and some faults. This is also those “renovation of high people” commonly used trick.

8 observe the front windshield, some counterfeiters, will not use the safety glass front windshield. Later, there will be a great safety hazard, to observe the refraction of the glass curved position light, if there is a distortion, give it up.

9 If you think the vehicle is not bad, be sure to get on the road and drive it yourself to feel the response of the transmission as well as the suspension. If possible, it is best to test the car at night, so that the surrounding environment is low noise, but also to see the headlight lighting range. At the same time, there are fewer vehicles at night, so you can also test the acceleration performance of the vehicle, and by the way, test the brakes. In addition, because the night is quiet, the vehicle is moving, if the door hinges and door lock position has a slight “creaking” sound, can also be heard. Oh.

10 turn on the vehicle stereo, close the door, listen to the body metal whether there is vibration and collision, if there is, that the car has rust caused by welding points open weld situation (this is also more professional, non-industry people do not know which part to listen to, and the sound is too loud, will have an impact on hearing)

11 When you look at the car, you have to see more and listen more. Look at the steps and methods of others to buy a car, there is no harm in learning more, one saves money and two saves heart.

Post time: Nov-02-2021