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Brand Model Type Sub Type VIN Year Mileage(KM) Engine Size Power(kw) Transmission
 Toyota Corolla Sedan Compact LFMARE0C580151846 2008/10/1 120000 1.8L MT
Fuel  Type Color Emission Standard Dimension Engine Mode Door Seating Capacity Steering Intake Type Drive
Petrol Black China IV 4540/1760/1490 2ZR-FE 4 5 LHD Natural Aspiration Front-engine
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2) Critics and test drivers agree that this compact car now feels more like a mid-size in 2015. Toyota increased both the legroom and the headroom to add all around comfort. The backseats feel as homey as your living room couch. The five seats can be personalized with either fabric or leatherette. The front seats have also been tweaked by Toyota so that they’re more adjustable.

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3) Performance. Test drivers notice a difference in how the 2015 Toyota Corolla handles. The four-cylinder engine adds a sensation of power to the driving experience. Although acceleration is still a small issue, this new model is a definite improvement.

4) If you’re moving to a new home anytime soon, or taking your kid to college or the family to another state for the holidays, the Toyota Corolla is a better choice than similar compact vehicles like the Mazda3. Along with the far more spacious interior came a larger trunk.

5) US News and World Report gave the 2014 Toyota Corolla a safety rating of 9.2 out of 10, and those same safety features will be just as good a year later in 2015. With Toyota’s Star Safety system, drivers are reassured that they’ll have control and traction backing up features such as the brake assist, the anti-lock braking system and all eight airbags. An optional backup camera makes the 2015 Toyota Corolla safer whether it’s going forward or in reverse.

6) Simplicity. The more complex modern technology gets, the more consumers have come to value the ease of minimalistic controls. Cell phones got too small and have started to grow large again. Dashboards got too so “busy” with all of the dials and levers that drivers found themselves distracted by so many options. The Corolla’s dash doesn’t distract the driver or the passenger. Fewer “bells and whistles,” or in this case “beeps and boops,” improve safety for all.

7) The Corolla’s infotainment system is called Entune. Entune beats out all other models with its improved sound and connectivity. A few sins are covered well by a strong sound system.

8) Corollas don’t have Wi-Fi for the passengers, but for the occupant who really matters, the driver, there’s a USB port, Bluetooth, and an audio jack.

9) The 2015 Toyota Corolla is first and foremost affordable. It’s consistently ranked high in this category among other small cars, most recently number fourteen out of forty. It’s a particularly smart buy for the common commuter.

10) Everyone agrees that good mileage is vital no matter which direction the economy is going. The Corolla’s miles-per-gallon rate is 27 on the city streets and 36 on highways. Compare that to Scion xB and the Chevrolet Cruze which only get their drivers 22 miles in the city, and the Volkswagen Beetle with its 29 mpg on the highway

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