Dongfeng Dorica

Dongfeng Dorica

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Chassis configuration: Tianlong model high-top cab (airbag seat, electric glass, multi-function steering wheel, MP5 multimedia, electric flip)
Engine: Yuchai 330 horsepower;
Gearbox: 10-speed / 12 gearbox; bridge: 5.5 ton front bridge, 10 tons / 13 tons of rear bridge
Electrophoretic car rack: 300 (8 + 6) double laminate; tire: 11.00R20 steel wire


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Brand Model Model Sub Type Configuration VIN Year Mileage(KM) Engine Size Power(kw) Transmission
Dongfeng Duolika commercial vehicle Truck 150HP 4.17meter light truck LEFADCD17CHP0**** Dec-13 130000 3.767L 110 MT
Fuel Type Color Emission Standard Dimension(mm) Engine Mode Door Seating Capacity Steering Intake Type Drive Type
diesel blue China IV 5995/2470/2490 YC4S150-50 2 2 LHD Turbo Supercharger front engine rear drive

DongfengD6 uses Yuchai 4FA engines, which combines the characteristics of the Dongfeng D6 model, not only complete compliance, but also strong power, stable performance, fully meets the customer's requirements。Yuchai 4FA engine powerful power torque reserves ensure that Dongfeng D6 is full of power, speed fast, climbing strong; at the same time, advanced patented structural combustion chamber design and large amounts of aluminum alloy materials, make engine overall fuel consumption Lighter weight, more stable performance, longer service life. For customers engaged in urban logistics transport, the carrying capacity of the vehicle is inevitably focused. Dongfeng D6 is a vehicle that is tailored to the urban logistics industry as a city logistics industry, and it is also very bright. 3.3m wheelbase girders 188mm high 5mm thick, compared to a 170mm high 4mm thick beam, which is generally used in similar products, obviously more reliable. The car is 4.2m, width 2.3m, and volume comparison has a significant advantage. The tires will use a large screw, which is more durable to ensure that the vehicle is working properly. Under the same conditions, Dongfeng D6 no doubt, more stable, and more natural make money. Dongfeng D6 has greatly improved the previous basis. Configure six gear gearbox to make the driver's handicap and more convenient. The standard gas cylinder volume is 80L, which has increased by 33% compared to the gas storage volume of the similar products, and fully guarantees that the vehicle has sufficient braking force when braking, so that the braking time is longer. Standard four-circuit protection valve, further enhances the safety factor than a single loop protection valve.

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