Volvo ec55d excavator

Volvo ec55d excavator

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Brand Model Model Sub Type to configure VIN Year Mileage(KM) Power Power(kw) Engine Size
Volvo ec55d excavator commercial vehicle excavating machineryEC55D CLW5040XLCQL6 VCE0C55DJ00231645 Jan-18 0 2.999L Traditional 2.62L
Dimension blue Engine Mode Door Seating Capacity Door Power (kw/RPM) Maximum torque (N.m/ RPM) Working weight (kg) Bucket capacity (m³)
5885/1920/2560l white Volvo D2.6 a. 1 1 2 36.5/2000 LHD 5400 - 5630 0.2

Various high-quality buckets and hydraulic breaking hammers of Volvo ec55d small excavator are tailored for Volvo machines, which can provide practical guarantee for high durability. Perfectly matched solid accessories, smooth control and enhanced handling can provide a strong guarantee for smooth operation, improving productivity and realizing high-quality land preparation operation. High profitability: the hydraulic system can be perfectly matched with Volvo's excellent engine, giving the machine excellent performance and fuel efficiency. Proven reliability: Volvo's durable machine has been strictly tested in the development stage and will never disappoint you. Better comfort and convenience: ec55d adopts a spacious ergonomic cab, which can not only ensure comfortable and efficient operation, but also reduce the fatigue of the operator. Grease bucket support: the rack is equipped with a grease bucket support to facilitate regular rapid lubrication. Single layer cooling device: single layer cooling device can not only maximize efficiency, but also reduce blockage and simplify cleaning operation. X-shaped chassis: the durable high-strength X-shaped chassis can not only ensure the excellent stability of the machine, but also prolong the service life of the machine. Improved air conditioning system Volvo's industry-leading cab climate control system can provide a more comfortable and efficient working environment. The new D-series modeling design the new Volvo D-series modeling design gives the machine a unique appearance, which is very different from the design of competitive products and previous generations of products. Strong power: ec55d not only has the strong power of leading the market, but also has excellent compound excavation force and excavation speed, which can complete more operations in a shorter time.

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