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Brand Model Model Sub Type to configure VIN码 Year Mileage(KM) Engine Size Power(kw) Transmission
M3000 commercial vehicle tractor  (SX4250MC4C1) LVBSBGMH8HC2****** Sep-14 170000 11.596L 316 12MT
Fuel Type Color Emission Standard (mm)/Dimension Engine Mode Door Seating Capacity Steering (HP) Engine torque(N.m)
diesel blue IV/China IV 7005/2550/3885 WP12.430E50 2 2 LHD 430 2060N·m

Shaanxi Automobile Heavy-Duty Cardron M3000\nFuel Type Diesel Displacement/Power 1159L/316KW Number of Passengers 3 People to Start Weichai WP12430E50 Cylinder Number 6 Rear Axle Speed 37 Fatten Special 12ISD200TA Traction Total Mass is 40 tons Drive Type 6X4 Wheelbase 3175 +1350 vehicle weight is tons 188T torque 2000Nm fuel tank capacity 700Ln maximum horsepower [Ps]430 cab suspension: four-point airbag suspension\nrated speed (rpm) 1900 main driver's seat form: airbag damping seat\nrear Axle description: Hande 115T rear axle allowable load: 1800 (two wheelbase) kg\nallowable load of front axle: 7000kg\nABS anti-lock forward gear: 12 gears, reverse gears, 2 gears, electric windows, electronic central control lock

M3000 (2)
M3000 (3)
M3000 (1)
Golden Brigade BUS XML6700J28 (7)
M3000 (4)

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